Movement for Abortion Rights and Access in the Mediterranean

At MARA, we work on local and regional capacity building for safe abortion access. We support all the small or big actions you do in your networks -from organising workshops to helping women in need. 

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What Is MARA 

MARA (Movement for Abortion Rights and Access) is a movement of regional health and human rights activists committed to building support and a vibrant intersectional network of advocates for safe abortion in the Mediterranean region. 

At MARA-Med, we focus on feminist approaches, learning and capacity building across the region with an emphasis on grass roots activities and policy openings towards broader support for and recognition of abortion access as a basic human right for women in the Mediterranean region. As part of an integral network of global advocates we strive to share and learn from other regional feminist movements and efforts to expand abortion rights and access.


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“The battles over women’s bodies can be won only by a revolution of the mind.”

Mona Eltahawy

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